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United Soccer Talents Foundation is found right in the core heart of Orange County, California. It is formed by experienced soccer coaches and specialists in human, social, and audiovisual areas. We teach high-quality soccer to kids and youth who are economically disadvantaged in America, many of whom come with a grudge, anger, or frustration towards life. This is why throughout our programs we contribute to creating a healthy and successful youth far from the vices and dangers of today’s modern life. We focus our efforts on mentoring and giving them values which can allow them to have a clear vision of the great things that they can accomplish in their future.


Our mission is to transform the lives of the kids and youth from low-income families; through the teachings and practices of high-quality soccer training, while always combining values that allow them to get away from the vices and dangers of modern life. We also maximize their talent in order to increase their opportunities to obtain an academic scholarship or to play on a professional level.


Our vision is to view Soccer as a form of a lifestyle, and not just a game.

A healthy lifestyle is the beginning of a successful life, this is why at UST-Foundation, we treat each member with respect and love so that they are encouraged to give their best game in and out of the field. Our greatest dream is to be able to obtain enough resources and support to form a high-performance center. A safe place heaven, where our young people can develop their full potential by Training, Eating right, and Study together under the same roof.


• Health: We are healthy people in body and mind.

• Passion: We feel an immense love for our sport.

• Integrity: Our actions are honest; we are people who can be trusted.

• Respect: We respect ourselves as well as others.

• Perseverance: We work hard every day in order to accomplish our goals and dreams.

• Teamwork: We believe the only way to grow is by working side by side with each other for the same purpose.

• Personal growth: We learn to be a better person today than what we were yesterday.

• Gratitude: We are grateful to the people who drive and support us.

• Sharing: We know that giving is always better than receiving.

• Inspire: Through our dedication and effort, we seek to inspire others so that they too can work on their goals and dreams and create a virtuous circle.


UST Foundation aims to teach players that the most important objective for them is to be able to succeed. It is not just focusing on and highlighting one area of their life, but a well-rounded human being is one who also succeeds in their personal, family and social environments.

Our programs are focused on teaching young people to live by the values of the foundation in their daily lives, respecting themselves and others, knowing that success comes through daily effort, dedication, teamwork and the love for the game.